About Ro

Hi, my name is Rochonda but you can call me Ro.

I’ve dedicated my life to studying personal development and helping people reach their highest potential through Conscious Leadership. Check out my Conscious Lifestyle and Leadership blog by clicking here. (I’d love for you to join the tribe!)

My passion for geode artwork was completely unexpected. You see, I was scrolling through Instagram one afternoon when I stumbled upon a breathtakingly beautiful piece of geode artwork. Within moments I found myself taking an obscene number of screenshots, following artists and hashtags, watching ‘how to’ Youtube videos, and then within a day or two, I went into full-on geek mode and created an excel spreadsheet to catalog supplies, tips, and techniques to try.

The path of inspiration has continued to flow into all that I have created here with Magnetic Geodes and I look forward to what’s in store. I invite you to follow my geode art journey by subscribing to my periodic Glitter News updates where you’ll be the first to hear important news, see new pieces available for sale, and to receive information on products and e-courses.

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